And in other news…

TS Eliot said that April is the cruellest month, but this January might be the longest of months, in this the darkest winter of our soul. I pray for the optimism of April, the new growth and we’ll emerge blinking into the light, cowed and ready for regenerating the broken bones of our society. IContinue reading “And in other news…”

between a far right future and 80s dreams of dystopia

It’s Friday 1st May and Bristol’s looking amazing in the last hours of sunshine. I’m all over south Bristol tonight bringing kebabs and pizza to the heartland masses. I’ve been finding enjoyment in the road names this week. On Wednesday when i was doing the shopping for E in Staple Hill I went down ShrubberyContinue reading “between a far right future and 80s dreams of dystopia”

Leaving April behind and listening to news of eels

It’s Wednesday 29th April and anyone that didn’t already know it already can see that Brexit island is drifting slowly into obscurity that’s now become a tragedy we might not know the full weight of yet. I catch up on the news today and I watch the German news on DW because it’s sober andContinue reading “Leaving April behind and listening to news of eels”

love and trees in the time of corona

I cycle the length of the feeder to St Annes and drop off the lasagne and I remember when my friend went bridge swinging on New Years Eve once with climbing friends and they calculated the ropes wrong and she dropped straight in the feeder. The feeder canal runs from Netham Lock in East BristolContinue reading “love and trees in the time of corona”

Day 16 and I’m listening to the prophecies

It’s Thursday 9th April 2020 and when I’m picking up Caribbean food in St Pauls a woman tells me it’s all going to end next Thursday. ‘Everyone will be able to come out of their houses and it’ll go back to normal’. Oh really? I ask. That seems a bit soon, won’t there still beContinue reading “Day 16 and I’m listening to the prophecies”

day 15, and easter is coming

It’s Wednesday 8th April and one day into the third week of the UK lockdown and I’m confident that the people will prevail over the corporate death vultures circling the bones of the dying corpse of late stage capitalism. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my daily cycle tour of Bristol’s suburbs bringing burgers to the locked-down masses.Continue reading “day 15, and easter is coming”

two weeks of lockdown and the nightingales will regrow their wings when we entice them back to brexit island

“I’m enjoying a different relationship with planet earth”. It’s Thursday 2nd April and I’m in an online meeting with others in the advice team at Bristol Refugee Rights. We’re saying things we’re appreciating in our new reality. I’m wondering whether post-apocalyptic Bristolians will speak with the Bristol ‘l’ or will it be consigned to theContinue reading “two weeks of lockdown and the nightingales will regrow their wings when we entice them back to brexit island”